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WHMCS no longer supported.
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Integrates with the world's largest cloud provider, AWS, together with client management solutions including ConnectWise and Zendesk, giving you a complete end-to-end platform for cloud hosting, management, billing and support.

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For Hosting Companies and
IT Service Providers

AWS is winning the Public Cloud. CloudMGR makes allows you to make offering AWS services a hassle-free part of your business. Build a competitive edge with the ability to provide AWS products with confidence.

Sell AWS
EC2 &

The introduction of low cost services such as Nano Instances is a strong indicator of Managed Hosting shifting to AWS. With CloudMGR you can sell a wide range of in-demand, AWS products, tailored to your clients needs.

For Web Design and
Development Businesses

Selling and managing hosting for your clients can be a headache. CloudMGR makes it easy. Resell the leading hosting solution, powered by AWS. CloudMGR makes managing AWS easy, so you can get on with what you do best. 

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Read the popular eBook on successfully delivering profitable managed solutions in the public cloud era. It's a free, practical guide on how to integrate a profitable AWS cloud practice into your service and solutions based business. Learn more...

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