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AWS Cloud Management Solutions

Create your own virtual data center in your AWS cloud with CloudMGR.

CloudMGR provides a platform for Cloud Compute, Cloud Storage, a connector framework and packaged applications that is specifically designed for IT Service providers. We partner with the worlds best companies, providing a platform that enables you to grow a profitable cloud business more quickly.

As the IT department changes, the role of the IT department and its suppliers has changed as well. New systems are needed by both the organisation and providers to ensure total efficiency and quality customer service.

The other problem for both the IT department and service provider? The growing number of Cloud based point solutions all with different billing and management options. CloudMGR connects these systems so that billing, provisioning, monitoring and supporting can be provided by an inter-connected system.

AWS ec2 servers



Key Service Offerings

Cloud Management Solutions

  • Replace upfront infrastructure investment with low monthly costs
  • Reduce your overall IT operation costs
  • Eliminate guessing on your infrastructure capacity needs
  • Develop and deploy applications faster
  • Focus on projects that differentiate your business, not the infrastructure
  • Global Reach: Take your apps global in short order

CloudMGR Connectors

Connect to other apps such as Autotask, Connectwise and cPanel easily and efficiently

What separates us from the others? Our team. Made up of “Born in the Cloud” professionals; we understand that to run a viable Cloud Business with recurring revenue, you need a great platform that can be tailored to your customers needs. And you need a system to manage your customers in a cost effective way.


Looking for custom development and consulting to enhance or integrate cloud technology into existing applications? CloudMGR offers the platform and the solutions that will get it done.

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