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Visibility and Control of your Cloud

The tools to manage AWS at scale
CloudMGR helps you manage, optimize and govern your AWS environments.


Manage actions including Backup, Stop/ Start, Reboot and Expire.


Apply actions by tag, group, platform, region and more.


Set the frequency, timezone and timing for server actions.


Trend-line and volatility indicators to uncover spending patterns.


Time-series comparison of groups, tags, products and resources.

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    We use CloudMGR to provide our developers with access to AWS resources, and manage server scheduling for a globally distributed team. The ability to categorize and group servers, manage automatic AMI creation, and schedule auto start / stop all help us manage costs and access     

Colin Ebert, Operations, Innotas, Inc.


Chained Server Actions

Manage infrastructure with precision. Chain together multiple tasks, including Run commands.


Policy-Based Backup & Retention

Implement an end-to-end, full lifecycle, backup policy. Take, retire and archive backups on a Schedule.


Cost Analysis & Reporting

Understand your AWS costs with powerful billing analytics and report by tag, resource, product, region and more. 

Leading firms around the globe use CloudMGR to help them get visibility and control of their AWS infrastructure


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