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Advanced AWS infrastructure action scheduler for EC2 and RDS.

Scale your AWS management with task automation built for server fleets.

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Manage AWS Infrastructure at Scale 

Take control of your Amazon Web Services infrastructure with best-in-class automation.

Chain together an unlimited number of actions, fully customizable with run commands, and apply to resources 
using highly granular filters, ensuring the right actions are always applied to the right resources

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  We achieved a payback in weeks of using CloudMGR scheduling.   

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Schedule Actions

Automate actions on your resource: 

Chain actions to replace multiple tasks with a single schedule

Automate backups, snapshots and images on a schedule

Autoscale & Application aware for priority, high volume workloads


opy to use chainCopy to use chainCopy to use chain

Copy to use chain

Copy to use chainCopy to use chainCopy to use chain   THE POWER OF CHAINED ACTIONS Copy to use chain

Chaining allows multiple actions to be executed in sequence for infinite scalability.

Reduce the administrative burden and compliance risk of your infrastructure management by creating
single, task-based actions using chaining.



Chained Action Recipes

Some of the complex management schedules made possible with the power of chained actions.

Region Redundant Snapshot

1.  Create snapshot
2.  Copy to region
3.  Expire snapshot

Create Backup Set

1.  Expire image
Reboot for consistent state
Archive for 3 months

Cloud Parking

1.  Stop all Dev servers
2.  Set parking duration
Re-Start Dev servers

Application Aware Backup

1.  Run SSM send-command
Run send-command

3.  Create backup set


Schedule actions on your AWS resources at scale. Use filters to apply scheduled actions to specific resources that reflect the configuration of your infrastructure.

Dynamically filter resources to apply a broad range of actions to your resources at scale. Configure your resources to reflect the structure of your organization.

Filters ensure your schedules are applied to the correct resources at all times. Filter resources by:

Server Group




Instance ID

Instance Name


Schedules: Backup Management

Implement policy-based Backup Retention with end-to-end , full lifecycle, backups. Managing backups with Schedules is the fastest, most transparent way to take, retire and archive backups.

No more managing countless scripts across distributed teams. Aggregate your actions into a single, easy to understand interface. 

Schedules help you:

  • Save time on backup and retention management

  • Ensure efficient storage utilization

  • Automate backups and retention

  • Implement best practice, policy based backup and retention

  • Maintain compliance with governance requirements

  • Manage risk


Your Schedules Business Case

Need approval? Here's how Schedules saves you time and money:


  • Ensure optimization actions are applied when a new resource is created. 
  • Reduce risk of shadow servers being created without oversight. 


  • Schedule the starting and stopping of EC2 instances.
  • Implement targeted cloud parking in minutes for instant AWS savings.


  • Report on compliance from an easy to understand interface.
  • Avoid auditing hundreds of lines of scripts to review compliance.

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