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AWS Cloud Optimization Just Got Easier.

CloudMGR brings together the tools and 3rd party resources you need to optimize your AWS Cloud for maximum efficiency.

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Save Money, Save Time, and Reduce Operational Risk

By optimizing your Cloud Resources, you can reduce your costs and limit operational risk by making your resources more efficient and effective.


Reserved Instance Optimization

Have you seen CloudMGR's Reserved Instance Optimization Tool? Now you can easily review your allocations, and see any issues or inefficiencies to save money and improve ROI on your EC2 instances.

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Insights & Actions

Save money and reduce operational risk. CloudMGR's integration with CloudCheckr gives you the perfect combination of insights and actions to optimize your cloud for cost efficiency and effectiveness.

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Scheduling & Automation

Automate repeated and scheduled actions on resources including snapshot, stop, start and reboot, saving you time and hassle.

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Server Grouping & Bulk Actions

Create custom groups to organise your resources your way! This makes larger numbers of resources easier to manage, and allows you to apply policies at a group rather than individual level.

For example, you could create a server group called 'Testing', and set it to Stop all servers in that group at the end of each work day automatically.


Easy Server Interface

A detailed server interface enables you to easily perform actions such as start, stop, reboot and resize servers, and manage resource allocation.

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