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Tons of reasons! Here are a few:

  • Control your instances
  • Pay as you grow
  • No long term contracts or incur monthly fees for servers that are not in use
  • Scale up and scale down instantly

CloudMgr supports the Amazon Cloud (Amazon EC2 and associated services)

CloudMGR Cloud Hosting simplifies the process of running apps in the Cloud. CloudMGR Hosting provides 5 click application deployment, automated backups, server scheduling, one-click server restores, monitoring and more to save you time and make sure your applications are running smoothly.

Yes. One for AWS and one for CloudMGR

The length of time that it will take depends on several factors, including which cloud platform you are using, the size of the server you are launching, the type of application and more. In virtually all cases, you should be able to have your app of choice up and running in a matter of minutes.

Yes. To use our service you will need to sign up with Amazon AWS and CloudMGR.

Two. You will get a bill from Amazon and from CloudMGR.

Yes. You still have full access to the Amazon backend console and api tools. We only recommend this for experienced users.

CloudManager will import and update all changes made in the backend.

We provide instant import of existing Amazon accounts to CloudManager.

We provide instant import of existing Amazon servers to CloudMGR. Simply link your Amazon account to CloudMGR, and CloudMGR does the rest.

We recommend using Transmit, Cyberduck or FileZilla. It is important the you connect using “Active Mode”

We restricted FTP upload to the /var/www/html folder, saving non technical people from accidental deletion.

It’s your own private server. No one else to share it with:

  • Secure: No risk of your data being compromised via another tenant on the box.
  • Better performance: You get 100% of the bandwidth for yourself
  • Reliability: Your IT is backed up by Amazon, worlds largest cloud provider
  • Elastic scalability: Need more performance over the weekend? You can do it!
  • Your site faster than ever: Create a Content Delivery Network in seconds

Configure your site name and credentials and you’re ready to use it.

Yes. We provide you with the tools to deploy multiple sites on one server.

Yes. We provide you with the option to link multiple Amazon accounts to CloudMGR.

We provide you with the following options: FTP, SFTP, SSH. We keep you site secure and provide you with secure access management, which closes open.

Although we try to make migration as easy as possible when migrating WordPress you need to be aware of the following:

  • permalink “issue” may occur
  • permissions set may not be suitable for every plugin

These issues can be easily fixed, but if you feel lost feel free to contact our friendly support team.

Every server comes with 8GB of free space which can be extended to a maximum of 1 TB.

If you website, application needs to scale, you can change to a bigger and more powerful instance any time.