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CloudMGR Features.

The professional tools to optimize, manage and integrate your AWS Cloud Resources, without the headaches.

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Billing and Cost Management

Get visibility and control of your AWS billing. The solution for businesses needing the ability to manage cost allocation for cloud resources or re-bill customers for cloud resources.

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Scheduling and Automation

Advanced action scheduling for your AWS resources. Save time and money by automating your AWS environment.

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Cloud Resource Optimization

Save money and reduce operational risk. Integration with CloudCheckr gives you the perfect combination of insights and actions to optimize your cloud for cost efficiency and effectiveness.

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Disaster Recovery Management

Don't risk losing your data. CloudMGR enables you to easily copy or move your data to multiple regions within the AWS Datacentre Network.

For example, you could set automated actions to copy critical data to Datacentres on both east and west coasts.


Multi AWS Regions and Accounts

CloudMGR enables you to manage multiple AWS Regions and Accounts from within the one interface.

All regions handled in the one interface at the same time. If you have multiple AWS Accounts, simply toggle between accounts as needed.


Server Grouping & Bulk Actions

Organise your cloud! Create custom groups to organize your resources your way! This makes larger numbers of resources easier to manage, and allows you to apply policies at a group rather than individual level.

For example, you could create a server group called 'Testing', and set it to Stop all servers in that group at the end of each work day automatically.


Easy Server Interface

Manage individual servers. A detailed server interface enables you to easily perform actions such as start, stop, reboot and resize, and manage resource allocation.


Server Build Wizard

Deploy new servers quickly and easily. Use our simple wizard to build and deploy new servers on AWS directly from CloudMGR.


Permissions Management

CloudMGR makes it possible, and easy, to define who has access to Production vs Dev/Test Resources.

For example, you might want to give external development teams access to your Test servers, but not access to your Production servers.


Image & Snapshot Management

CloudMGR's easy-to-use interface makes it easy to backup, restore, and manage your servers.

  • Automated, 2 type, or on-demand backup
  • Single click restore
  • Choose a whole server, or individual volumes
  • Set custom retention periods

Manage Clients & Billing

If you are an IT, MSP or Agency that manages AWS resources for your clients, CloudMGR's integrations with Autotask and Connectwise makes it easy to manage clients, simplify and control billing, and reduce your management overheads.

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