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Precise understanding of your usage.

Organization-wide infrastructure control.

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Visibility and Control

Manage the way your organization uses Cloud. Understand your costs. 

Getting the most from your organization's AWS environment requires an understanding of resource usage and billing practices that extend beyond the IT and infrastructure teams.

CloudMGR provides easy to understand insights and tools to increase awareness and accountability for Cloud consumption across job functions.

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 Automate your AWS Cloud 

Take control of your Amazon Web Services infrastructure with best-in-class automation.

Save cost - Lower your costs by starting and stopping compute instances (EC2) when not required.

Save time - Automate your routine actions for more time to focus on high-value infrastructure management.

Manage Risk - Automation of compliance based actions, including backups, reduces the risk of data loss and human error.

Enterprise Cloud Governance 

Ensure your AWS cloud is being managed in accordance with best practice. 

Specialized tools for proactive monitoring, management and resource allocation across functional areas, business groups or projects. 

Spend less time allocating the cost of your Cloud and reporting on Cloud expenditure.

Tag relevant resources once to enable a continuous, dashboard view, capable of generating board or management ready reports in minutes.



Your trusted DevOps partner

One of the few APN Technology Partners awarded the prestigious AWS Advanced Technology Partner accreditation.

CloudMGR has the capability to meet the requirements of sophisticated enterprises.

Analysis and Monitoring Tools for your Cloud Costs

The CloudMGR billing engine crunches your AWS data to give you a set of data that is meaningful and actionable. Use the billing tool to discern patterns of usage and identify areas that need attention to effectively manage your spending. 

Detailed Cost Reporting

Use Cost Reports to compare usage month-over-month, by tag, resource, product including EC2, S3 and RDS and more. Save on reporting time by generating a comprehensive monthly summary of your AWS bill that can be easily understood by finance and operations teams. 

Create Cost Centers that reflect your organization's structure

If need to allocate your AWS expenditure to different business units, CloudMGR offers an easy way to Chargeback the cost of different products, services, and resources. Easily divide costs between business units, teams or projects. Apply Chargebacks to assign the cost of resources to teams





How does CloudMGR accelerate the enterprise Cloud adoption journey?

Develop a Visibility Framework

Developing a visibility framework is all about working out exactly what is running, who's running it and for what purpose. 

CloudMGR is the central control Dashboard for your AWS resources, giving you complete visibility across all of your accounts, regions and users. Standardize the way your business uses Cloud and control shadow IT.

Move from CAPEX to OPEX Culture

Assign Cloud costs to the responsible business unit. Unlike traditional CAPEX based IT, Cloud resources are charged on a pay for what you use basis, allowing for accurate allocation.

Cost Centers reflect your organization's structure and automatically allocate AWS costs in real time. Usage insights for specific business unit, teams or projects improves cost control and allows for infrastructure cost accountability.

Create a Governance and Control Structure

Organizations must implement best practices for corporate governance requirement and security, for all organization users and service providers.

Permissions based user access management enables controlled, on-demand access to your Cloud for more users across your organization whilst maintaining control of critical management and administration functionality.

Build Self-Service Capability

The ultimate goal of Cloud adoption for most enterprises is unlocking the speed and agility that drive innovation. Self-service capability removes infrastructure bottlenecks, giving teams the agility to experiment and rapidly innovate.

White Label gives resource users controlled access to manage their own Cloud usage whilst maintaining cost control and optimized management practices.

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