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What our customers say...


We have been able to develop an AWS Cloud Practice within the business by using CloudMGR. We plan to double the size of the business in the next 12 months and tools like CloudMGR are necessary to help support that growth.

Brendan Gibson, Director

We are a heavy AWS customer and have had some unique challenges managing billing and operations with their platform. With CloudMGR, we now have complete control over how a customer is billed, the margins we make, the description and the frequency of data updates. This was not possible previous to our engagement.

Mike Paul, CTO

We have been using CloudMR & AWS for over 6 months and have been very happy with the service. A digital agency built our website and we didn't believe they had the technical capacity we needed. We wanted a system that provided the marketing team flexibility and reliability The CloudMGR team have exceeded our expectations.

Ryan Brough, Head of Marketing

We use CloudMGR to provide our developers with access to AWS resources, and manage server scheduling for a globally distributed team. The ability to categorize and group servers, manage automatic AMI creation, and schedule auto start / stop all help us manage costs and access. CloudMGR also helps us control costs and meet our RTO in production with automatic snapshots and expiration of AMIs for our standby databases.

Colin Ebert, Operations

We have been an MSP for 8 years and historically we only provided Cloud services based on our own Data Centre offerings. By partnering with CloudMGR we get an easy to use integrated console that helps us provide better solutions to our customers. It allows us to effectively separate workloads between our Level 2 support team and out Level 3 engineering team. It's great! Tthe level of integration and feature set is unique in the marketplace and will allow us to scale up our business more quickly.

Gerard Buscombe, Director

We have been working with CloudMGR for over 6 months now we moved from a locally managed data centre to Amazon Web Services with the help of the CloudMGR service. We have found the product to be easy to use and the support team very responsive to our requests.

Stephen Price, Co-founder / Technical Director


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