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AWS and ConnectWise.

In sync at last.

CloudMGR is the leading platform for optimizing and managing AWS Cloud Resources, integrating the tools and services you need into one easy-to-use interface.

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Syncing made easy...

CloudMGR takes customers' usage and cost data from AWS, and syncs it with your ConnectWise Agreements.

  • Simply link any ConnectWise Agreement to AWS resources in CloudMGR.
  • Usage and billing data will be synced automatically to the Agreement.
  • Eliminates manual updates of ConnectWise.
  • Saves time and hassle on customer billing & invoice generation.
  • Grow your AWS customer base without the management overhead.

  We spent hours each month working out our AWS billing information as it related to our customers. CloudMGR did it automatically, saving us a heap of time and headaches each month.   

Why use CloudMGR?

CloudMGR is the easiest and most convenient way to manage your AWS Cloud resources.

  • AWS resource management simplified and easy-to-use.
  • Manage servers (EC2), storage (S3), images (AMI's) and other resources.
  • Multiple customers, regions, and AWS Accounts in the one interface.
  • Automate common, repeated tasks to save time and hassle.
  • Start, stop, reboot, resize servers, build servers, perform backups.
  • Group servers by customer, type, purpose, or any other definition you like.
  • Perform bulk actions on groups of servers or accounts.
  • And much more!

  We expect to be able to offer more Cloud based solutions with CloudMGR. This has made it easier for us to to grow our business.   

Brendan Gibson, Answers IT CEO

Sync features

  • Flexibility to link single resources, multiple resources, or an entire Account to any ConnectWise Agreement.
  • Link ConnectWise Customer Agreements, Companies, and Products.
  • Sync of usage and billing data happens automatically.
  • Schedule sync on resources (or Account) for daily or monthly updates.
  • Detailed AWS billing data is simplified before sync.
  • When you add or remove AWS resources in CloudMGR for a customer, the changes are reflected on the customers linked ConnectWise Agreement.
  • ConnectWise Agreements can be viewed in CloudMGR (but are not directly editable).
  • To setup, simply set CloudMGR as a vendor in ConnectWise, then in CloudMGR enter your ConnectWise details, and link ConnectWise Customer Agreements to the accounts or resources you want.


  • Connectwise Subscription
    (Cloud or Self Hosted)
  • Amazon web Services Account
    (Single or Multiple account support)


  • Accounts are linked via API accounts and security credentials
  • CloudMGR has no access to your ConnectWise customer information

CloudMGR Plan

  • CloudMGR Enterprise Subscription

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