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Visibility and Control of AWS with CloudCheckr.

CloudCheckr insights plus CloudMGR's actions equals the perfect solution to AWS Cloud Optimization.

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Insights Plus Actions

Save money and reduce operational risk. CloudMGR's integration with CloudCheckr gives you the perfect combination of insights and actions to optimize your cloud for cost efficiency and effectiveness.


About CloudCheckr

CloudCheckr gives visibility into online services that employees are using. It provides an interface that lets a CFO see all of the company’s cloud accounts (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) from the different parts of the organization. The accounts may be viewed individually or as a combined spend. Drill-down reports allow the CFO to analyze the costs by service, by account or by users, providing a view of what’s costing the most.

Four most common use cases

  • Cost management
  • Compliance Policy management
  • Asset visibility & audit histrory
  • Invoicing & re-billing

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