Why We Work With Amazon Web Services
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In a recent Gartner article, Amazon Web Services has clearly been distinguished as the leader in cloud computing. Gartner did a great job of explaining why AWS is leading the way and why other companies may struggle to keep up with them.

We see a lot of enquiry from companies using “niche” and “challengers” and will continue to do so as companies realise the value of AWS. If you are currently hosted in a COLO or another provider like Ninefold, the costs and product set cannot match AWS, and this is why we are seeing companies migrating to AWS – even from other cloud providers.

Why We Work With Amazon Web Services

In a recent article in Forbes magazine, Louis Columbus discusses the Cloud Market and AWS

Evangelising development on any cloud computing or enterprise platform is challenging, costly and takes a unique skill set that can educate, persuade, sell and serve developers at the same time.

Cloud Market ShareThe companies who excel at this exude technical prowess and as a result, earn and keep trust. For Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform providers, getting developers, both at partner companies and at enterprise customers to build applications, is a critical catalyst for future growth.

Bottom line: The land grab for developers is accelerating on IaaS and will be a major factor in who establishes a long-term cloud platform for years to come.

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