The Top 10 Things Companies That Use AWS Are Looking For
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There are several reasons that a huge number of companies today, from Pinterest to Netflix, are relying on Amazon Web Services to help with their cloud deployment needs. Here are 10 of the most important things companies that use AWS are looking for:

The Top 10 Things Companies That Use AWS Are Looking For

  1. A scalable platform – this is one of the reasons that so many companies turn to cloud computing in the first place: AWS allows them to easily grow or downsize their business without too much trouble.
  2. Simple to use Рalthough it is not without a learning curve, AWS is one of the simplest cloud services platforms available for today’s businesses
  3. .Cost competitive – an economic price tag is one of the most important things companies that use AWS are looking for. AWS allows businesses to get more from their current levels of IT spend without increasing their budget.
  4. Flexibility – companies that use managed service providers generally do not want to be trapped into a restrictive policy or set of services. Because of this, they turn to AWS to give them the freedom to change their IT needs whenever necessary.
  5. Custom application development – the powerful tools available through AWS allow all types of companies to get custom application support, even if they function in a niche industry.
  6. Easier billing – using AWS allows a company to streamline the way that they send their invoices to clients. Because they can combine ordering information with invoicing tools using this kind of managed service provider, AWS is particularly valuable.
  7. Excellent customer service – Amazon is known as a provider of quality troubleshooting and customer service. One of the things companies that use AWS are looking for is quality service, both from Amazon and their cloud services provider.
  8. Security – data loss can be one of the most costly events that a business of any size experiences. For this reason, clients are depending on AWS to keep their critical data safe, no matter what happens.
  9. High-level performance – users of AWS expect that their resources should all be crisp and responsive, and that their applications and processes should get completed quickly.
  10. Less maintenance – companies that have on-site servers have the disadvantage of dealing with repairs, upgrades, and other forms of maintenance work on their servers. AWS lets companies avoid these tasks, which is extremely valuable for saving both time and money

These are just some of the things companies that use AWS are looking for: a full list of AWS benefits could go on for a while and will vary depending on the industry that the organization functions in.

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