The Top 10 Opportunities For MSP’s To Grow Cloud Revenue In 2015
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There are many opportunities and challenges facing MSP’s in 2015. We have compiled a list of the best idea’s to grow Cloud Revenue in 2015. Included in the post is a number of different idea’s published over the last few months.

As we approach the end of the first quarter of the new year it can be a good time crystalise your plans and make sure you capitalise on new products, solutions and opportunities available. Here is our collection of some great posts!

1. MSP Cloud Computing Strategy Key To 2015 Success

By Doug Bonderud | Jan 26, 2015

In a cloud market headed for evolution rather than revolution this year, MSPs need to decide what they want to offer — and why. Having an MSP cloud computing strategy is key for 2015. That strategy should take enough risks while still providing measurable and stable gains to clients. Read More

2. MSPs And IaaS: What Will You Do In 2015

By Rhonda Sherwood 19 January 2015

There’s no denying it: the cloud industry has reached maturity. And businesses are lining up to make a move to the cloud. According to Gartner, organizations will store 36% of their content in the cloud by 2016, a big jump from the meagre 7% they stored in 2011. Read More

3. Shadow Cloud Services: Seeing The Light

By Doug Bonderud | Feb 12, 2015

What lurks in the shadows? For many midsize companies, it is the specter of unapproved cloud services leveraged by end-users needlessly putting both corporate data and cloud-based networks at risk. As it becomes clear just how far shadow cloud services extend, a question emerges: Can IT professionals regain control, or is this free-for-all here to stay? Read More

4. Cloud Service Providers: Training For The New Tech Battleground

By Doug Bonderud | Dec 4, 2014

Midsize companies are fighting hard to stay on top of their market verticals and get ahead of the crowd. This means being savvy about technology deployments and cutting out systems and processes that no longer work. Cloud service providers (CSPs) are relative newcomers, but they come well equipped and with clear mission goals. Making the transition from outsider to partner, however, requires the right training. Read More

5. Manage And Customize: How MSPs And IaaS Boutiques Can Work Together For Business Success

Virtacore Blog 10 Feburary 2015

Across the business world, awareness of the value of cloud computing is rapidly increasing as we enter 2015. Just a few years ago, corporate leaders were just beginning to scratch the surface of what the cloud could do – they were asking preliminary questions about the cloud’s potential, and often little more. Now, they’re digging in. Read More

6. All The Ways MSPs Can Use Cloud In 2015

By Charles Weaver MSP AllianceDec 2014

As we wind up 2014 and planning for 2015 begins, we’ve now had enough time to reflect on how cloud computing has impacted our lives, particularly our managed services businesses. We have come a long way since 2009, when cloud computing arguably began to gain momentum. And, while the MSPs who resisted (with legitimate reasons) cloud in the early days, today they have fewer reasons to do so. Read More

6. Cloud IaaS And DaaS Adoption Create Challenges And Opportunities For MSPs

By Laura Stotler Dec 2014

New research on cloud services adoption signals good news overall for managed service providers (MSPs). According to a recent survey from Redshift Research on behalf of Time Warner (News – Alert) company NaviSite, cloud adoption is growing in the enterprise, even though organizations have concerns about safety and compliance. Read More

7. Reasons You Should Rethink Your IaaS Go-To-Market Strategy

By David Stephens 20 February 2015

IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is proving to be a leading service within the exploding cloud computing market. Gartner, for example, predicts that IaaS will achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 41.3% through 2016, the fastest growing area of public cloud computing the research firm tracks. As would be expected, the market has been flooded in the past few years as established IT giants (e.g. IBM, Microsoft) and startups (e.g. ProfitBricks, CloudSigma) alike have come out with IaaS offerings. Sadly, many cloud service providers (CSPs) and MSPs view all IaaS offerings as merely compute (i.e. CPU), storage, and network resources (e.g. RAM) commodities with no real differentiation from one to the next. Read More

8. Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility Pile On for MSP Opportunity

By Kelly TealJanuary 05, 2015

As cloud computing, big data and mobility services grow more popular, you can bet that you, Mr./Ms. MSP, will see an increase in business, and it’s time to plan accordingly.

MarketsandMarkets makes this prediction in a new report devoted to the indirect channel, noting that MSPs will see demand soar between 2015 and 2019 – by how much, however, the research firm did not say. What is clear is that MSPs and the partners they team with, including VARs, ISVs and systems integrators, all stand to profit, as long as they offer vendor-neutral services and cater to customers’ specific needs, MarketsandMarkets said. Read More

9. MSP’s Identity The Cloud & BYOD As The Top 2015 Issues

By Eleanor Burns 14 January 2015

The 2014 Kaseya MSP Pricing Survey revealed a healthy global MSP market and gave an insight into a number of the business practices that higher-growth MSPs have in common.

The findings, gathered from owners and operators of nearly 700 MSP firms across more than 30 countries, highlighted how the higher-growth MSPs are pricing higher, how cloud migration and security are the top IT problems and the new opportunities for MSPs to seize in 2015. Read More

10. MSP Cloud Computing Strategies To Consider In 2015

Managed service providers (MSP) have some difficult decisions to make in the coming year. Many of the pressing questions they’re facing revolve around cloud computing as the cloud has become a technology now being embraced by mainstream businesses of all sizes and types. Years ago, the dilemma surrounding the cloud was a relatively easy one to address, especially when clients were asking questions about what is cloud computing and how it could ultimately benefit their organizations.

That was then, but Gartner now predicts that by 2016, organizations will store more than a third of their content on the cloud. Most clients are serious about adopting the technology, and they want their MSPs to make it happen. That means MSPs need to make sure their clients get it in 2015, but there’s no foolproof way to do it. The following are several strategies and methods to consider for successfully fulfilling the client’s demands for the cloud. Read More


The Cloud Provides many opportunities and challenges however whilst complexity for the customer is high there are many opportunities for MSP’s. Hope you enjoyed our 10 Top Opportunities to grow revenue in the 2015 post!

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