The Bridge To Cloud For Agencies & Hosters Is The Control Panel
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Marco changes in the industry are relatively easy to pick however what is harder to identify for emerging Cloud Service Providers is the rate of adoption within customer segments. From a distance, the industry looks at the benefits of the new but doesn’t always take into account the existing investment in existing software or skills.

There have been much focused on public vs private cloud however as time goes on the lines between these will blur. The early adopters were happy to move without the Bridge but the mainstream is less likely to. So what is your Bridge? Will cloud migration be easier if you take something familiar with you thus allowing have to learn gradually?

My take on taking on this for Designers, Agencies and SME Hosters is the control panel and client billing and management systems.

The Bridge To Cloud For Agencies & Hosters Is The Control Panel

The most popular control panels are

  • cPanel
  • Parallels Plesk

The most popular Client Billing Systems

  • Hostbill
  • Clientexec

So next month CloudMGR will be releasing new products that provide this Bridge to the cloud with greater integrated support for existing applications such as the ones listed above. Further, in addition to this, we will provide an option for a single bill and a single account – no need to provide AWS credentials.


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