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To a number of observers, it seemed to take ages but AWS has now launched new low-end products that compete very well with Digital Ocean. To many outside the industry, they are an unknown but are now the 15th largest Hosting provider in the world according to Netcraft.

AWS now has a lower headline price than Digital Ocean however AWS doesn’t include storage and bandwidth in the base price. Digital Ocean has been very successful in recruiting developers and now claims to have over 150,000 of them on board. AWS on the other hand has trial & developer programs in the first year that arguably make them a much more compelling offer. As a developer the global range of Datacenters and other programs AWS have made them very compelling.

The new T2 instances are a little different from what we have seen before. No Reserved or Spot pricing at this stage, they have Cycle Credits and utilise a different virtualisation technology to other AWS instances.

The pricing for its on-demand T2 instances starts at $9.50 per month (or $0.013 per hour), making them the cheapest Amazon EC2 option. The cloud provider is targeting the general-purpose instance type for developer environments, small databases and web servers.

“T2 instances address this need by providing a consistent baseline performance with the ability to burst to full CPU core performance,” Matt Garman, AWS vice president for Amazon EC2, said in a statement.

Amazon’s EC2 service is designed to provide adjustable computing capacity in the cloud, allowing users to scale applications up or down depending on requirements. It is also billed as reducing the amount of time required to obtain and boot new server instances.

Digital Ocean

AWS said in a blog post the T2 instances are based on a “processing allocation model” that provides a baseline amount of processing power combined with the ability to scale up to a full core when needed. The “burst” capability is based on the number of “CPU credits” customers accumulate during quiet periods and how many are spent while running heavy workloads.

Customers “can provision an instance of modest size and cost and still have more than adequate compute power in reserve to handle peak demands for computing power,” AWS claimed.

T2 is available in three instance sizes (micro, small, and medium) from datacenters in the U.S. East and West regions along with facilities in Ireland, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Australia, and Sao Paulo.

AWS also released performance specs for on-demand T2 instances from its Northern Virginia data center. The low-end t2.micro priced at $0.013 per hour includes 10 percent of single-core performance from a physical CPU allocated to the instance. The T2 instances are based on a single core of an Intel Xeon processor running at 2.5 GHz. The micro option also includes 1 GB of memory. The t2.small option provides 20 percent of Xeon single-core performance and 2 GB of memory for $0.026 an hour ($19 per month). A t2.medium option includes 40 percent of single-core performance and 4 GB of memory for $0.052 ($38 per month), AWS said.

CloudMGR will have the new T2 instances available very shortly

AWS EC2 Pricing

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