State Of The Cloud 2013
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We firmly believe that the cloud is reaching the mainstream. This is backed up by a great survey from the folks at Rightscale, they surveyed technical professionals across a broad cross-section of organizations about their adoption of cloud computing. The 625 respondents range from technical executives to practitioners and represent organizations of varying sizes across many industries. Their answers to our survey questions provide a comprehensive perspective on the state of the cloud today.

For the purpose of reporting the survey results, we created a Cloud Maturity Model to segment and analyze organizations based on their levels of cloud adoption. The Cloud Maturity Model identifies four distinct stages of cloud maturity, from least to greatest experience:

  • Cloud Watchers are organizations that are developing cloud strategies and plans but have not yet deployed applications into the cloud. Cloud Watchers want to evaluate available cloud options and determine which applications to implement in the cloud.
  • Cloud Beginners are new to cloud computing and are working on proofs-of-concept or initial cloud projects. These organizations want to gain experience with the cloud in order to determine future projects.
  • Cloud Explorers have multiple projects or applications already deployed in the cloud. They are focused on improving and expanding their use of cloud resources.
  • Cloud Focused organizations are heavily using cloud infrastructure. They are looking to optimize cloud operations as well as cloud costs.
  • The survey includes organizations across all the stages of cloud maturity.

Cloud Is A Given

State Of The Cloud 2013

One of the primary findings of the survey is that cloud computing is no longer on the bleeding edge of technology adoption. Three-quarters of our respondents say that they are adopting the cloud. The rate of adoption is slightly higher in enterprises than it is among small and midsize organizations (SMB) – 77 percent vs. 73 percent.

But although enterprises are moving into the cloud, they are moving more slowly through the maturity levels. Thirty-two percent are just at the experimentation stage, and only 17 percent report heavy use. The proportions are reversed for SMBs: 19 percent are just experimenting, while 41 percent report heavy use.

Clearly, enterprises have moved beyond the question of whether the cloud is appropriate for their organizations, and are progressing down the path to cloud adoption. The slower pace of adoption is in line with the typical behaviour of large organizations, which are dealing with added organizational scale and complexity and thus tend to take longer to fully consume new technologies.

The survey goes on to say that from this survey “mixed clouds” will be prevalent. This may depend on the size and type of organisation. Time will tell on this one.

Survey Details: Rightscale

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