Sell Amazon Web Services With WHMCS
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In September 2012 Netcraft reported that Amazon had become the largest hosting company in the world based on the number of web-facing computers and WHMCS is the most popular software for managing a web hosting business.

Until now there had been no way to connect the two together

Does this mean end users are going to AWS directly?

Web Hosting Companies don’t like or understand the AWS opportunity?

The emergence of the Cloud Services Broker provides the opportunity for customers to purchase integrated solutions from hosting providers that provide complete solutions with ec2 or S3 solutions.

  • Sign up for an AWS account
  • Sign up for a Cloudmgr Account (14 day Trial)
  • Link your AWS Account to Cloudmgr
  • Check out our getting started video’s here

How To Setup WHMCS For API Access

Sell Amazon Web Services With WHMCS

1. Create a new API Admin user

2. Create a new Role by going Setup -> Staff Management -> Administrator Roles

3. Click Add A New Role Group, then call it API and click

4. Continue Click API Access then Save Changes

5. Edit the API User you created in step 1, and change the Administrator Role to API, then click Save Changes

6. Go to Setup -> General Settings

7. Click on the Security tab

8. In the API IP Access Restriction section click on Add IP Address

9. Enter in the IP Address field and CLOUDMGR in the Notes field

10. Click Add IP Click Save Changes Click on Set Up -> Products/Services -> Products Services

11. Click on Create A New Group Enter a name for the group and click Save Changes

How To Setup Cloudmgr

1. Go to your CLOUDMGR account page

2. Click on WHMCS Preferences

3. Enter the full URL to your WHMCS Installation (eg. – ensure that you have the http:// – the URL needs to point to the root directory of your WHMCS installation)

4. Enter in the Admin username that you created above

5. Enter in the Admin password that you created above

6. Enter the product group id for the group you added above. You can find this if you edit the group, in the URL (eg. admin/configproducts.php?action=editgroup&ids=2 – In this case, the id is 2)

7. Enter your desired pricing for the different servers

8. Click Save

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