Scheduling Server Fleets In AWS (Amazon Web Services)
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Your company’s fleet of servers is one of the most critical possessions that your company has, whether they are located on-site or hosted by a cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services.

For those who are using cloud-based services like AWS, scheduling server fleets in AWS for tasks like backups and routine maintenance can be a challenge because of the complex nature of this process and differences that may exist between the types of servers your organization uses.

Scheduling Server Fleets In AWS

Possible Obstacles To Scheduling Server Fleets In AWS

Why is scheduling server fleets in AWS challenging without any additional tools or third-party utilities to help? Several reasons:

  • Differences between the types of servers that you use: it is very possible that your organization may be using more than one kind of server to handle business or resell to clients. The problem with scheduling fleets of servers in AWS when you have different types of servers is that they may require a variety of different tools or processes, which can slow down the part of your team that is responsible for server scheduling
  • Timing discrepancies: what happens if some of your servers, but not all of them, need to be upgraded or receive maintenance? How will you handle the separate schedules that this requires?
  • Scripting the exact processes: in AWS, a lot of server scheduling takes place through scripting. If your team does not have the expertise required to write code or scripts, it can be challenging to get your servers scheduled properly. Even if you do have the coding and script knowledge needed, this process can take valuable time from your organization

If you have difficulty with scheduling for your clients, it can be even more costly: you run the risk of annoying them by interfering with their business. In the worst cases, you may even lose the account because the servers they were using provided by your organization did not function the right way.

A Better Solution For Scheduling Server Fleets In AWS

Instead of worrying about convoluted scripts or coding, why not take advantage of a top-quality cloud services management tool that can be used for all of your scheduling needs?

At CloudMGR we pride ourselves in offering our clients solutions that are easy to work with. From server scheduling, to billing, to other types of regular tasks that need to be completed frequently, our streamlined cloud management platform has everything necessary to ensure that users get what they need.

We can help you simplify the timing and exact parameters for your server scheduling through Amazon Web Services, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the functionality of CloudMGR’s AWS services. For a true understanding of how easy we can make it for your organization and its clients to handle server fleet scheduling in Amazon Web Services, get in touch with us today to find out how we can ease all of the challenges that normally would crop up with managing your servers using Amazon Web Services.

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