CloudMGR’s Journey To AWS ReInvent In Vegas
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The CloudMGR team were very excited to sponsor a stand at the AWS Reinvent conference in Vegas this year. Last year we were just attendees but this year we were all in.

Over 300 exhibitors, 13500 attendees are present during the event. It is a huge week!

This year to avoid flight problems we started the journey earlier. Here are a few photos that we’d like to share from our AWS Re:Invent 2014 journey…

Building the Expo is a massive effort. The work starts on Monday. You need to be careful you don’t get run over by a semi or a forklift.

Anyone for Golf? I haven’t seen anyone play on the famous Wynn Gold Course. Apparently, it is $500 around!

The AWS Test Drive Stand Featured a very nice Lamborghini.

The Keynote sessions are great – people moving in. Over 7000 people in the main hall. Shame about the Internet Connection!

The CloudMGR Stand. It was just a 10 x 10 and after lots of moving things around we were finally happy with the layout.

The Booth with the some of the CoudMGR Team – CEO, Craig Deveson; Sales Manager, Mike Kent; ‎UX Lead & Marketing Manager, Brett Geoghegan & Technical Director, Stacy Horton.

What’s a big event without a party?! The Famous Intel-sponsored reInvent Party.

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