Internal IT Moving Towards Cloud Service Brokerage
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The concept of a Cloud Service Brokerage has been gaining lots of traction as a channel model however IT departments are also looking at how that can adopt the model.

2nd Watch released findings from its 2013 Cloud Services Adoption Rate Survey recently. The survey revealed that 93 percent of enterprise business units are using cloud-based services and that 61 percent of those are choosing, managing and funding them on their own. In addition, 71 percent of enterprise IT departments were experiencing demand to deliver cloud services to business units, but the 74 percent providing them are delivering only 37 percent of the services.

Internal IT Moving Towards Cloud Service Brokerage

Forty-three percent polled said their IT departments plan to develop cloud services brokerage models in their quest to deliver 75 to 100 percent of cloud services by 2016. For more details on the survey see the release here.

In a recent CIOInsight article they observed The challenge facing nearly every IT organization today is not whether to make use of cloud computing services, but the degree to which they want to manage it – See more

Below are a number of great graphs from CIOInsight

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