cPanel & WHMCS – No Longer Relevant In An AWS Cloud World
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cPanel & WHMCS have been very popular tools in the past for customers but do they have an active place moving forward? – We don’t think so.

CloudMGR will no longer be supporting new customer sales of cPanel on AWS or WHMCS from February 1 2016. We will continue to support existing implementations but will not be enhancing them.

Our reasons for this include the lack of development support for developers like us to create scalable/ redundant versions of the applications and the general relevance of such applications in a Public Cloud dominated world moving forward.

cPanel and WHMCS No Longer Relevant In An AWS Cloud World

Whilst we acknowledge there may not be feature parity in some circumstances, there are now many alternatives. Here are a few recent developments from AWS and we expect Azure will see many improvements in the next 12 months

  • Static Websites – The ability to publish a static website on AWS S3 for free in the first 12 months and negligible cost thereafter.
  • Small Sites – AWS has released a Nano EC2 server that will suit many small websites currently hosted on cPanel. The average price is under $5 per month.
  • Domains & DNS – AWS has released the ability to purchase and manage domains (Route53)
  • SSL Certificates – AWS now provides free SSL certificates.

We expect announcements like this to continue into the future.

CloudMGR will only support native Cloud applications moving forward. In light of the above developments, we expect a further decline in cPanel & WHMCS’ usage and a decrease in the number of customers requiring support for these services.

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