Cloudmgr Roundup Microsoft Follows AWS And IBM Gets Stirred Up
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It didn’t take long for Microsoft Azure to follow AWS with price reductions on their storage products which is great for competition. We will continue to see price leapfrog by the big players this year.

Steve Martin, general manager of Microsoft Windows Azure strategy, wrote in a blog post that Microsoft would reduce the price of Block Blobs Storage (BBS) and Disk/Page Blobs Storage (DPBS), effective March 13. The pricing will go into effect worldwide, and Martin claimed it “means that Azure storage will be less expensive than AWS in many regions.”

IBM continues to be on the offensive in relation to AWS which we think are strange marketing tactics. This week when AWS released its revenue figure to the market (the AWS revenue is found in the “other revenue category” in the Amazon Financial statements – it is assumed that it represents the majority of the figure), $3.9B – IBM immediately puts out PR stating it has more Cloud Revenue than AWS being $4.4B. The problem is the IBM figure includes services & products so we are not comparing 2 like figures …….

We would like to see a more open and transparent Amazon and just break the figures out. The market knows you are the market leader and now the number is big enough and is likely to double this year anyway.

Other Product Annoucements From AWS

Route53 – Improved Health checks, HTTPS and Record Modification. These are incremental improvements to the highly sclaable DNS service

Amazon SQS – New Dead Letter Queue. The Amazon Simple Queue Service makes it easy to decouple components from each other. The new Dead Letter Queue provides more control over message handling in SQS queues. This is done bu using a Redive Policy. You can set two value being Maximum Receives and the Dead Letter Queue name. These services can be accessed via the AWS console or SQS API set.


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