Cloudmgr New Feature Highlights For AWS
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Its been a busy time at CloudMGR in 2014. We have made a number of changes to the application some are subtle and others are more evident. Much of our work has been going into our framework that will make the application more consistent and easy to use moving forward. This will result in some big improvements coming up soon.

Backup & Restore – 1 Click

The CloudMGR 1 click Backup and Restore process has been greatly enhanced to provide Frequency of snapshots. They can now be daily, weekly and monthly. You can choose the time of day and the duration the snapshots are kept to manage your storage limits.


Manage the DNS records of your domains that Include your Domains & Sub Domains A and C records & MX details. This is all done with the highly scalable infrastructure of Route53

Volume Management

Volume Management is now a snap. The ability to create new volumes, resize volumes and detach volumes now all happens via the CloudMGR Volume Management screen

Elastic IP’s

Elastic IP’s (Static IP’s) are now easier to attach to your server and release back into the pool of Unacctached IP’s. Unattached IP’s are reserved IP’s (that you pay for) that you need for future use.

Cloud Servers – General Management

The layout and feature set of the General Info tab has been greatly improved. It is now easier to view details about your server Instances in EC2 and perform actions. Currently, you can start and terminate your servers with a click of a button. The ability to dynamically resize your instances also. A future feature will include the ability to reboot your servers.

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