Cloud Pricing War – Google Starts Amazon And Microsoft Follow
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For the first time in the Cloud Industry, we now have the 3 heavyweights fighting it out. Amazon is still the clear market leader on cloud price and breadth of services. Microsoft is No 2 following by Google and others. Google currently has the lowest price for Storage however it doesn’t have the flexibility of AWS s3. Google has introduced a sustained usage pricing model that some see as attractive however AWS is cheaper on term agreements over 1 & 3 years as you can see in the diagrams below.

Microsoft Azure

In general, the Azure cuts ranged from 27 percent to 35 percent off compute instances and 44 percent to 65 percent on storage. The reductions cover both Linux and Windows instances. Microsft also plans to introduce region-based pricing. This will allow them to enter more markets and better match the AWS prices. It is widely speculated that Azure will be in Australia in October this year.

Other Interesting News

AWS Workspace is finally launched however only in the USA. I hope this turns out a get product for AWS however there is a way to go.

AWS to open a Data Centre in Germany….. This would make a lot of sense as they only have one EU data centre region. Let’s see what happens.

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