Cloud Is Eating The World: Learning From IT Nation & AWS re:Invent 2015
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We Went To IT Nation And AWS re:Invent. We Share Our Reflections On What’s Going To Impact On Your Cloud Infrastructure.

Last month we hit the fall conference circuit, stopping at IT Nation in Orlando, FL and the grand-daddy of cloud conferences, AWS re:Invent, in Las Vegas, NV. For those who weren’t able to make it, or spent a little too much time at the lobby bar, here are our observations on the products and trends that will impact on your business in 2016.

Cloud Is Eating The World

1. Consolidation Of The Public Cloud

As we have flagged in previous articles, consolidation of the public cloud around the main hyper-scale vendors is a major theme that has and will continue to underpin the public cloud market.

At re:Invent, we witnessed Amazon address this phenomenon in one of the most direct and public ways to date. During the convention’s opening keynote AWS Senior VP, Andy Jassy, made both direct and underhand attacks on his competitors.

AWS SVP, Andy Jassy, takes a thinly veiled swipe at Oracle’s Larry Ellison.

For AWS and Microsoft Azure customers, consolidation of the market towards the two majors should have a net benefit. While the rapid fall in the price of cloud infrastructure may slow down (no price cuts were announced as part of re:Invent 2015), standardization should lead to improvement in quality and efficiencies. Less fragmentation in the public cloud market will provide customers with better over the top applications and higher quality integrations and services from their providers and partners.

During the opening keynote of IT Nation, Arnie Bellini, CEO of CloudMGR integration partner, ConnectWise, highlighted the transformative trend that cloud represents, putting service providers on notice to stay, “on top of and pay attention to the changing cloud landscape.”

2. Customers Becoming Increasingly data-focused

Both conferences saw the release of new products designed to give customers greater access and deeper insights from their data. Amazon announced the launch of QuickSight, a new tool to provide fast and easy to use Business Intelligence for data-intensive workloads. Also announced at re:Invent were Kinesis Analytics and the complementary Kinetics Firehose, coming in 2016, tools designed to analyze large amounts of real-time streaming data.

IT Nation saw ConnectWise launch new Dashboards, to impressive applause from the assembled audience of technology solutions providers. The opening keynote highlighted the heightened customer demand from ConnectWise customers requesting better access to their data.

We see this as part of a wider trend for “baked-in” analytics, which allow non-technical personnel to drill down and analyze the outputs from key business tools. With a growing awareness and sensitivity across business functions to data remaining ‘trapped in the database’, customers are increasingly insisting on data analytics without technical assistance.

3. Security, Security, Security

Amazon announced lots of new capabilities to beef up the security credentials of the AWS cloud. Specific features announcements to bolster the security of cloud deployment are AWS Web Application Firewall, AWS Config Rules, and Amazon Inspector.

Over in Orlando, Bellini identified the security challenges associated with the cloud as a major opportunity, proclaiming,

If you combine all the data and security, which becomes a real big issue, there is a lot of opportunity…

The fall conference wrap

This fall conference circuit reiterated the unstoppable momentum of the public cloud and the exciting opportunities that continue to present themselves for users and managers of the public.

With the temporary lull in conferences associated with the holiday season, we’re taking this brief reprieve to heal our mechanical bull induced bruises, print new t-shirts and introduce some awesome new features for the new year!

We look forward to seeing many of you when the tradeshow circuit resumes next year when the AWS Summit series kicks off with Chicago and Sydney for Asia-Pacific.

A special shout out to our integration partners and hosts of IT Nation, ConnectWise. You can find out more about using CloudMGR to take customer usage and cost data from AWS, and syncing it with your ConnectWise Agreements by following the link below:

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