AWS Re:invent Digital Media Presentation Highlights
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Digital Media lends itself well to the AWS Cloud with many options for Ingesting, Storing and Streaming Media.

Media Content Ingestion, Storage And Archiving With AWS

John Downey Amazon Web Services View here

The first step in a successful cloud based media workflow is getting the conet transfreed and stored. From there you can achieve massive effeciencies for downstream processing and delivery via content access instead of content transfer.

AWS Reinvent Digital Media Presentation Highlights

Media Streaming With Amazon Cloudfront In A Post-PC World

Alex Dunlap, Senior Manager Amazon Cloud Front View here

Learn how customers are using Amazon Cloudfront to deliver theior video content to users over HTTP(S) using a number of modern streaming protocols such as Smooth Streaming, HLS, DASH ect. You also learn about options for end to end security of your video content – through both encryption and preventing access from auauthorized users based on their location.

Scalable Media Processing

Phil Cluff, BBC View here

The cloud empowers you to process media at scale and in ways that were previously not possible, enabling you to make business decisions that are no longer constrained by infrastrcuture availalability. Hear about best pratices to architect scalable, highly available, high performance workflows for digital media processing.


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