AWS Re:invent Compute And Networking Presentation Highlights
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The AWS Compute and Networking products and amongst the most used and popular AWS services. This section provides an excellent update on these services.

AWS Reinvent Compute And Networking Presentation Highlights

Amazon ECS “State Of The Union”

Peter DeSantis VP AWS Compute Services View here

Perer De Santis, VP of Compute Services will provide an overview of the key priorities for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). In this presenation you will hear about some of the most innovative ways in which customers are using Amazon EC2, learn more about key capabilities launched over the past year and gain insights into the near term roadmap and priorities.

Availability & Scalability With Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing provides a scalable and highly available load balancer that automatically distributes incoming appliation traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances. It enables you to achieve even greater fault tolerance in your applications, seamlessley providing the amount of load balancing capacity needed in response to incoming application traffic. View here

Choosing Our Spots – How Tapjoy Saves With AWS Spot Pricing

Westin Jossey View here

Hear how VEVO, Optaros and Tapjoy detail how they architected large scale systems on AWS and accelerated their time to result while taking advantage of Spot instance savings up to 90% off On Demand prices. VEVO is a leading all-premium music video and entertainment platfrom with over 4 Billion monthly views globally. VEVO uses Spot instances to transcode its catalog of 75,000 HD music videos in a short period of time while saving on compute costs.


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