AWS Re:invent Big Data And HPC Presentation Highlights
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One of the Very Hot area’s of the Cloud is Big Data and AWS introduced a new service in this space called Kinesis.

AWS Reinvent Big Data And HPC Presentation Highlights

Big Data & HPC State Of The Union

Scott Hagedorn CEO Annalect View here

Big Data is more than petabytes and capacity. It is the opportunity to use data to your advantage to make smart decisions that increase productivity and grow your business. In this session, you’ll learn about the latest advancements in data analytics, database, storage and HPC at AWS and discover how to put data to work in your organization.

Amazon Kinesis – Managed Service Or Real-Time Big Data Processing

Ryan Waite, GM Data Services Adi Krishnan Product Manager View here

This presentation introduces Kinesis, the new AWS service for real-time streaming big data ingestion and processing. An overview is provided of the key scenarios and business use cases suitable for real-time processing and discuss how AWS has designed Amazon Kinesis to help customers shift from traditional batch-oriented processing of data to a continual real-time processing model.

Using AWS To Build A Scalable Machine Data Analytics Service

Christian Beedgen, Sumo Logic View here

By turning the data center into an API, AWS has enabled Sumo Logic to build a very large scale IT operational analytics platform as a service at unprecedented scale and velocity. Based around Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, the Sumo Logical system is ingesting many terabytes if unstructured log data a day while at the same time delivering real-time dashboards and supporting hundreds of thousands of queries against the collected data.


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