AWS Re:invent Application Services Highlights
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The application services section has some great presentations including details on the new App stream service.

AWS Reinvent Application Services Highlights

Amazon Simple Workflow – 7 Use Cases: 7 Minutes Each

Sunjay Pandey, Amazon Simple Workflow. View here

The Amazon Simple Workflow (Amazon SWF) service is a building block for highly scalable applications. Where Amazon ECS helps developers scale compute and Amazon S3 helps developers scale storage. Amazon SWF helps developers scale their applications business logic.

Getting Started With Amazon AppStream

Jerry Heinz, Amazon Web Services. View here

Amazon Appstream is a new service that provides developers with the ability to stream resource-intensive applications such as 3D games or interactive HD applications from the cloud. With Amazon Appstream, mobile and PC developers have the flexibility to stream their entire application or only parts of their application that need additional cloud resources.

Cache Is King :

Scale your application while improving performance and lowering costs. View here

Scaling your application as you grow should not mean slow to load and expensive to run. Learn how you can use different AWS building blocks such as Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon Cloudfront to “cache everything possible” and increase the performance of your application by caching your frequently accessed content.


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