AWS Re:Invent 2013 YouTube Keynote Presentations Highlights
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The AWS Re:Invent presentations are now live at AWS Youtube Channel

There are lots of great presentations here but our must-watch is the Opening Keynote. Andy Jassy does a great job covering what AWS is doing but the customer highlight for me is the presentation by Jeff Smith from Suncorp. If you just want to watch this fast forward to around 30 mins into the presentation.

Jeff and the team from Suncorp have adopted a very pragmatic strategy and decided to move all their applications to the cloud. This is pragmatic because it sets a clear company strategy so all staff and partners can get on with the job. This avoids endless debates about which is the best platform and allows the company to focus on execution.

The presentations are broken into Keynotes, Architecture, Application Services, Big Data & HPC, Compute & Networking, Databases and Digital Media.

AWS ReInvent 2013 YouTube Keynote Presentations Highlights

In this post, I have covered the keynotes in future ones the other sessions will be covered.


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