AWS ec2 Pricing Made Easy Part 2
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Many People find AWS pricing confusing because there are so many options. In this post, we will cover ec2 pricing. Things of ec2 as a server however in most cases the storage is separate from the server which provides greater flexibility and redundancy.

AWS ec2 Pricing Made Easy Part 2

There are 3 types of ec2 pricing options and they can be purchased from 10 different regions around the world

  • USA – Virginia
  • USA – Oregon
  • USA – California
  • Europe – Ireland
  • ASIA – Singapore
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Australia – Sydney
  • South America – Sau Paulo
  • USA – Govcloud
  • China – Beijing

On-Demand Instances

On-Demand Instances let you pay for computing capacity by the hour with no long-term commitments or upfront payments. You can increase or decrease your compute capacity depending on the demands of your application and only pay the specified hourly rate for the instances you use. Amazon EC2 always strives to have enough On-Demand capacity available to meet your needs, but during periods of very high demand, it is possible that you might not be able to launch specific On-Demand instance types in specific Availability Zones for short periods of time.

Reserved Instances

Reserved Instances let you make a low, one-time, upfront payment for an instance, reserve it for a one or three year term, and pay a significantly lower hourly rate for that instance. You are assured that your Reserved Instance will always be available for the operating system (e.g. Linux/UNIX or Windows) and Availability Zone in which you purchased it. For applications that have steady-state needs, Reserved Instances can provide savings of up to 71% compared to using On-Demand Instances.

Spot Instances

Spot Instances provide the ability for customers to purchase compute capacity with no upfront commitment and at hourly rates usually lower than the On-Demand rate. Spot Instances allow you to specify the maximum hourly price that you are willing to pay to run a particular instance type. Amazon EC2 sets a Spot Price for each instance type in each Availability Zone, which is the price all customers will pay to run a Spot Instance for that given period. The Spot Price fluctuates based on supply and demand for instances, but customers will never pay more than the maximum price they have specified. If the Spot Price moves higher than a customer’s maximum price, the customer’s instance will be shut down by Amazon EC2.

AWS has a pricing and contract option for all customer types and a huge partner network to get assistance.


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