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Backup and Disaster Recovery for EC2

Enterprise-class backup, restore and disaster recovery that's easy to use.

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CloudMGR Backup and Disaster Recovery.

CloudMGR Backup & DR is a full-featured enterprise-class backup, recovery and disaster recovery solution for Amazon EC2 Instances, EBS volumes utilizing the AWS native EBS.

CloudMGR Backup & DR is provided as a easy to use SAAS solution. All you need to do is connect your AWS credentials to CloudMGR and all your AWS backup & DR needs are taken care of.

We use a beautifully simple UI that makes this very easy.

Flexible Backup Schedules.

Backup your snapshots as frequently as needed.

Our default setting is daily and keep the snapshot for 30 days.

You can also change the amount of times the snapshot is taken and the duration it it is kept.

One Click Auto Recovery.

CloudMGR can recover a complete instance with ONE CLICK !


Ability to Test and Rollback.

Create an on-the fly snapshot apply a test to that if you are happy you can put that version into production by attaching the Elastic IP to this server.

If not you can rollout and delete the test server.


All communication CloudMGR server is encrypted (HTTPS, SSH).

All keys are encrypted in the database.

Automatic Retention.

If you set the retention period to be 30 days then snapshots older than 30 days are automatically deleted.

Multi DR and RDS coming soon!

Backup and Disaster Recovery

is made easy with CloudMGR.

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Over 3,500 servers now managed on CloudMGR globally.

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