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AWS Billing &
Cost Management

The solution for businesses needing the ability to manage cost allocation for cloud resources
or re-bill customers for cloud resources








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Billing Analytics



Start re-billing customers for managed cloud

Unlock recurring revenue with a managed cloud practice

Cost Management



Get precise understanding of Cloud consumption costs

Set alerts, budgets, and chargebacks to manage your Cloud spend

Consultants looking to build a recurring revenue business,  get closer to clients and add value beyond traditional project-based engagements.
Managed Service and Solutions Providers needing a point solution to resell and manage AWS on behalf of customers.
SaaS vendors trying to better understand infrastructure unit economics and adopt consumption based pricing.

AWS Billing Details, Analysis, and Reporting

Understand your AWS costs with powerful billing analytics.

Get instant visibility and control over your cloud costs. 

Improve accountability and understanding of the way your organization uses and manages its AWS cloud.

Analysis and Monitoring Tools for your Cloud Costs

The CloudMGR billing engine crunches your AWS data to give you a set of data that is meaningful and actionable. Use the billing tool to discern patterns of usage and identify areas that need attention to effectively manage your spending. 

Detailed Cost Reporting

Use Cost Reports to compare usage month-over-month, by tag, resource, product including EC2, S3 and RDS and more. Save on reporting time by generating a comprehensive monthly summary of your AWS bill that can be easily understood by finance and operations teams. 

Visibility of your Cloud spend

Save on cloud costs by knowing exactly who's using what and how much it's costing. Use billing indicators including trends and volatility to uncover trends and identify the underlying causes of spikes in your AWS bill. 


Our Billing and Cost Management tools featured by....





Cost Centers and Chargebacks

Use Cost Centers to chargeback the cost of resources used by teams across your organization.

Automate the allocation and reporting of AWS costs across teams.

Allocate and markup the cost of your resources. Automate cost assignment and add margin to your managed resources.




Create Cost Centers that reflect your organization's structure

If need to allocate your AWS expenditure to different business units, CloudMGR offers an easy way to chargeback the cost of different products, services, and resources. Easily divide costs between business units, teams or projects. Apply Chargebacks to assign the cost of resources to teams

Reflect the pricing model and structure of your customers

Pricebooks offers a flexible mechanism capable of reflecting almost any type of pricing model or business logic and applying it directly to the AWS resources you manage. Become a Cloud provider. Start re-billing customers for managed cloud. Unlock recurring revenue with a managed cloud practice.

54 fully customizable rules to automate resource allocation

Built to be extremely adaptable to the changing needs of your business and your customers, you can move clients between Pricebooks to reflect changes to your pricing strategy, billing plans, and customer demand.

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