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CloudMGR, Connecting Autotask with AWS.

Manage, monitor and support multiple customers and hundreds of AWS cloud servers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Now with AWS Cloud Integration via CloudMGR

Our integration allows existing MSPs to use Autotask as the central method to manage clients. The integration provides a total business management platform for cloud compute and cloud storage.

CloudMGR is built by “born in the cloud” experts to enable tomorrow’s MSPs and cloud service brokers to thrive in the new business environment. No more waiting until the end of the month to review contract profitability. Flexible AWS billing management allows you to set usage and billing information to be transferred to Autotask on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - in real time!



Easier Queue Management

Automatic ticket creation for simpler AWS server monitoring


Account & Contract Creation

CloudMGR dynamically links account and contract information with Autotask


Live Link Optimization

Create AWS servers, storage and other AWS services from within a Autotask Livelink


Reporting & Forecasting

Generate reports in Autotask or CloudMGR to visualize usage and forecast usage or profitability

Autotask Dashboard

The dashboards within Autotask allow MSPs to track long-term business trends and plan accordingly – instead of getting bogged down in day-to-day data.

It's like the difference between today's weather (how things look right now) and climate knowledge (which allows for long-term planning).


Autotask Corporation provides hosted information technology (IT) business management software that helps VARs, MSPs, and IT service providers to sell, implement, deliver, and bill their services. It offers Autotask, a cloud-based platform that is integrated with CRM, ERP, service desk, project management, quoting, billing, accounting, and business systems to organize, automate, and optimize IT business.

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